Monday, October 12, 2015

Kom Piah, Kuching

Some snacks that I miss a lot in Kuching. Something hot, something salty, something fragrance and something floury. Yes!!! I love flour products a lot!!!!

And it is Kompiah!!!! (guang bing 光饼)

Ahem ahem. There is a story behind this bread?biscuits? It is said that long long time ago when FuZhao ppl travel to Malaya by sea, they are very poor to buy bento or good food. The journey is long with very little food. The mom and wife at home want to ensure that their husband or children has enough food till they reach Malaya. they make this round little biscuits?bread? and string it up in the middle (thats why it has a hole in the middle and look like donut) for them to tied it around their neck or waist.

So yea... initially KomPiah is just a bread?biscuits? but now it is not serve plain. We sandwich it with minced meat.

1 bite (best serve when hot), The peeping hot taste of floor and sesame first flooded ur mouth then came the hot juicy minced meat flowing onto your tongue. =DDD you go "aiyo aiyo very hot a!!!' But gulp the whole thing down with full sastifaction.

For me, I can eat 3 KomPiah for my tea, best taken with cold coconut water. =D oooh wah!!! Nice afternoon tea. hee hee hee =)

My best KomPiah i have is at a hawker stall right behind Tzu Chi, kuching. You need to walk up the stairs, it is at the back, facing the padang. =) the coconut water stall is just at the corner of it. =) cold, refreshing and big cup.

Aha... I miss them. =) It is one of my comfort food beside kaya balls in Kuching.

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