Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nadeje Cakehouse and Satay Celup Malacca

Had a short trip with my parents to Malacca on Deepavali Day. Went to their mall. Cause it is quite hot outside to go to tourisy area and all the tourist spots are FULL, yea man FULL of ppl. People nowadays can travel so much easier compare to last time or has the population just sprout super fast for the past 10 years. I dont remember there was so many tourist when I visit Malacca when I am in  primary school.

Must visit in Malacca for me:
Nadeje Cakestore, Malacca. There used to have one branch in Dataran Pahlawan but I cannot find that particular branch this time. So I went to the main branch located next to Plaza Mahkota.

They have refurnish the place. Very nice and cozy. And there is so many flavors now. Hope I bring more people here so can order more flavor and share out.

Anyway we ordered:
The dark brown one: Orange cocca (my papa one)
The light brown with tinge of yellowish: Original flavor (my mom)
The green with dotted in between: Green tea with azuki (mine. =) I am a big fan of matcha now)

Which one is the best? The original one. Although I love the matcha one too. But no other flavor can compare the smoothness, the fragrance, the slight bouncy and the creamy taste of the original. So far I still think the original is the best. =)

One piece is RM12.60 (tax included). Luckily it does not have any branch in Seremban. If not I will splurge a lot of money on this cake (per month) and grow fat. lol.

And visited satay celup!!! I think the shop we visited is called.... Ban Xiang Lou? Something xiang in the middle. No queue. Ya!!! Most likely we are really early cause we went there at 4 plus nearly five.

Pick your favorite food from the fridge. Do not put it back after you take it out. RM 0.90 per stick (unless written other price on it).
The sauce is boil over again and again. So far other people sake dont put eaten or bitten food back inside the pot. The sauce is best with fried foochok cause the foochok or the fried taufu will absorbed the sauce. When you bite your whole mouth are filled with the ncie satay sauce.

But... this satay celup not really filling la. Cause after like 5 sticks (for me), it started to get jialak and I dont want to eat anymore.

Lol.... That concludes my Malacca trip. Wish can visit more famous food spot but my phone dont have enough data. Next time la. =)

p/s: tummy growling, mouth drooling cause seeing all those food!!!

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