Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nana's Green Tea, Midvalley

One of the things I like when boy boy around is he will try to feed me with food I like. =) Although I dont really eat that much but it is still a pleasure to share food with the one you love. =)

Tried Doriyaki from Nana's Green Tea in Midvalley.

It is a small shop at the top floor of Midvalley. They are specialized in green tea but all their green tea products are ice cold. Not good for me that time as I was having really bad flu. Opted for this sweet dessert.

Pancake. Can choose paste + fillings.
Paste: red bean, black sesame, chocolate
Fillings: salted butter, strawberry and one more cant remember

Each pancake is RM6

We chose Salted butter with red bean paste. The pancake come in peeping hot. =DDDD Yumzzz~ sweet red bean paste and salty butter. Heavenly combination. But... I just hope it is a bit bigger cause it finish in a blink of eyes.

Next time I will try their green tea parfait. =)

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