Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello From Lithuania

Another pretty card from Lithuania. =)

Showing off the beautiful spot of Lithuania which is breathtaking even through these collage. I love the picture with the lake. It looks so peaceful.

Not forgetting the stamps too. Not sure what does the left one signified but the right one is so pretty with the scripts i assumed composed by this musician.

Thank you Timpaile for this beautiful card and stamps.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hello from Finland

Hello. Am back after a week of palpitation at work place. Was leveling up (unwillingly) cause I am not a very passionate or enthusiastic. What I wish is everyone just get what they want.

Ok. back to the topic.

Got this card from Ritva a few months back. (yes. thats how backdated all the card here although i am receiving around 1-2 cards per week).

First time I received such a uniquely shaped card. The character on the card is called Mama Moomin. Apparently a very love character with the children there. It is really cute and I came over the name Moomin a few times when I read what other people love their postcard to be. So I have received one of the most desirable postcard. =DDDDD

Yay. Such lucky girl.

And this beautiful orchid stamp aat the back. Stamp is a small piece of art with beautiful detailed that will tell u story of the native.

Thank you for the card and the stamps.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hail's Soft Serve, Damansara Utama

A lot of fancy and expensive ice cream shop popping out in KL and Selangor. So many that I cant catch up.

This is one of the pricey ice cream that I like. =) Hail's Soft Serve, in Damansara Utama. Bump into it when we are meeting our prewedding photographer.

The dessert store has a calm sky blue with cotton cloud at certain tables. There are around 7-8 choices of ice cream flavor. Not much, i know but I instantly know which one I want.  J POP. Simple reason cause it contained green tea. haha~

The J Pop.
The ice cream is actually not green tea. It is Blue Pea Gula Melaka. Not as sweet as the real gula melaka but still i like the subtle sweetness with the coldness of the ice cream. Although I sort of taken back by the blue color.

The green crumble is green tea flavored. =) can I have more?

And also green tea marshmallow. hee hee~ never a fan of marshmallow so no command.

This is the biggest discovery of the month. Beside cornflakes (I hate cornflakes by its own), what go well with ice cream??? IS the popcorn. My god. Next time I m going to get some crunchy popcorn and serve it with ice cream. The flavor and texture is so heavenly.

My happy face with my J Pop and boy boy. =)

Thank you for the treat.

J-POP  RM18 (with GST)

Hails Soft Serve
28 Jalan SS21/58
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sunny Greetings from Berlin, Germany

Another pretty card card in. =) So colourful and one wall has several drawings. =)

Of all these drawing, the one that i recognize is the octopus doctor/dentist at the bottom. hee hee~ cant remember where i saw it.

The other pretty stamps. Reminded me of the big rivers that go through kuching whenever I m landing from the plane. It is so breathtaking. How I miss landing in Kuching. NOt working. haha

Thanks Natalie for the happy fun postcard and the pretty stamp.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hello from Green Island (Qing Dao), China

This lovely card on the drawing of one of teh important railway in China, The Nanjing Train Station is sent by Liu Jing jing.

The structure of the station is so  pretty and it is surrounded by trees and water. =)) Must visit it one find day.
Sometime I do think that drawing can be much more attractive compare to a photograph.

And we should not leave out these vibrant stamps:

All about the pretty flowers from soft pink plum blossom to the ever energetic sunflower. Followed by this hibiscus like flower and of course the elegant camellia.

Thank you for all these beautiful card and stamps. =)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hi from Ukraine

Hello. This is a beautiful card from Ukraine by Ksiu.

This big bad tough looking pirate is called Billy Bones. He is from "Island of Treasure" which is a famous Ukraine cartoon.
The drawing is indeed very pretty and detailed. =)

and the stamp. Ah. Sometime I hope i have a better camera to catch the exact colour and shine of small objects. This picture totally doesnt justified how pretty the stamp is with hue of soft color at the back.

Thank you for the card and the stamp.

Smoked duck with cod fish claypot

Oh. Another food post. I really love food more than fashion. But my stomach is so small I cant put much food in.

This is one yummy dish i ate recently in Umaiya, KLCC. Smoked Duck with Cod Fish Claypot.

Look at the eggs. =) It makes the rice moisture. The fish is soft which contrast well with the slightly tender duck meat.

Ah~~~ such heavenly. But good things most of the times doesnt come cheap. I think it cost around RM30++.

Thanks Daddy for the nice food. =)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Greeting from Saint Petersburg

This beautiful handdrawn painting is from Irina.

Sometime a painting is much more attractive than a real photography picture to me. Mayb because it allows me to have more imagination and the layer of colour can be so pretty and vibrant sometime.

The beautiful stamps with snow softly cover on top. hee hee~ but i think I cant bear the coldness.

Thank you IRina for the beautiful postcard and stamps.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Greetings from Ufa, Russia

This is a card from Anatasia and she lives nearby this beautiful lake. How lucky.

What is the name of this lake? it is called Kale Kalkan. =))

Thank you. =))


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hello from Belarus

Another card that arrive long long time ago.

It is from Yana, Belarus. Featuring a beautiful building with a lot of statue in different position. I think it is worth a visit. Sometime I love staring into these marble or plaster statue in awe cause how can somebody make something looks so real and beautiful. Sometime even more beautiful than the real human.

And of course  a pretty stamp on a structure of a big church. Hope I can read the words on it. These are one of the time that I wish I am more multiligual.

Thank you Yana. =)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Lavas from Lithuania

*sniffsniff* having very bad sinusitis today.

The weather now is damn hot and humid it makes my body feel so uneasy. It is sweating but  I cant still heat trapping inside my body.

Pretty cartoon card from Lithuania. Fearuting a purple bunny and some big head ducklings. It looks so peaceful in its sleep.

I need some quality sleep too. I am going through some mini mania phase where I cant sleep and have craving to keep reading STORY books non stop. Sorry, not academic books.

Currently I am reading "Goldfinch" by Donna Tart and this book is quite addictive. It also mentioned about drug addiction but the character inside is so strong that they didnt even go to rehab they can get themselves off cocaine addiction and opiate addiction. Hmmmmm....

A 3D stamps on wood and square structural. =)


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chateraise KLCC

It has being so long since I blog. There is a milllion reason eg. preparing for wedding, busy with work.... But the main reason is I am lazy. very very lazy. Feeling not motivated at all.

Decided to pick blogging back because that is the only way to record my day. Hmmmm.... I dont write diary anymore. So blogging is the only way to jot down my day.

Went to KLCC yesterday and nearly forget this all very famous bakery from Japan until my dad reminded me. Went hunting for it cause KLCC is so crowded and I hate crowds a lot.

The display of cake is so mesmerizing that i forget to take a pic. But the famous strawberry shortcake is out of stock. Bought another 2 that is highly recommended and hot selling item.

The box. Simple yet cozy.

Fresh cream short cake chocolate (the one with strawberry)
and Blueberry Rare Cheesse Cake (the one with blueberry of course).

They are so meticulous giving you a packet of cold packing so ur cake wont be too hot till it melt. and small spoon for you to dug in. heehee~

Blueberry Rare Cheese Cake (RM 14.80, GST havent included)
For me just a normal blueberry cheesecake but the texture is just good. Not too sour not too sweet.

Fresh Cream short Cake Chocolate (RM14.80, GST havent included)
Hee hee~ oops. forget to take before dug in photo.

The surprise of it:
Beside the fresh strawberry and the just nice chocolate taste (not too thick until you want to put it aside after a few bite). In the middle of it, it actually contain mini maltese. See the small round thing, is the maltese. With just a little adding, it make the whole cake whole lot more wonderful.

=) Overall is a good experience. Still looking forward for their strawberry shortcake. Of course price is slightly higher.

Chateraise KLCC
Is inside Isetan Food Market, KLCC.

p/s: Oh. I forget about the cream puff. bleh. will do another post for it.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello from Moscow

A peaceful card with a girl drinking tea on a cool moon lit night with some soft music ongoing. Ermmmm..... such a bless.
Thank you for the card but currently I am in a oven because of El Nino. Although I am in air con room i feel like the heat from outside is trap in my body and my body is burning like hell. no. I dont think i have heat stroke yet. But going in and out of cold and hot environment in my work place doesnt help to improve the current situation. It actually worsen  it by a lot. sigh. I just hope I dont fall sick.

Another pretty stamps at the corner of the postcard. Just like a rim. a beautiful blue lace. I seriously hope I can share more and type more but my eyes are really tired. think I am not a tech person anywhere. lol. hee hee

Friday, April 8, 2016

Ni Hao from Taiwan

A card from Taiwan. So rare. I usually get my card from Russia.

It is a card about tea. Yeap. Taiwan is famous for their OoLong tea but I m not tea expert. Currently in love with green tea. It reduces the  sweetness and I like the soft bitterness that came with it.

The stamps. =) They are pretty. Stamps are small version of art and you can share it out to other people.

Thank you for the postcard and the stamp.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello from Helsinki

Have being slacking in blogging although there is so many things to blog. cause my eyes are really tired recently and a lot of research to be done for my wedding. Yes. I am getting married this year. =D and to save money i try not to get a wedding planner but it seem now that not having a planner I need to worry myself with everything cause I can be so OCD sometime.

A joyful card from Timo with my second beloved cat --> garfield (cause the most beloved is Hello Kitty XD XD)


The other things to highlight on this card is....

The stamps!!!! So cute in small little corss. Look like a band aid. And also a stamps on raspberry. =))

Thank you for the postcard and stamps. =)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hello from Russia

I got a very fun card. =) it came with a game.
Please find which cat who dont have a twin. =D

Sorrry for the blurry picture cause I am still using my 3 years old plus I phone (who is going to die or burst on me anytime soon...).

Lets take a break and I will show you more fun things. hee hee.  This card is from Gemma.
A very serious stamps with a serious portrait in the middle. Then pop suddenly came out a handdrawn airmail sticker. haha. Good job Gemma. hee hee~

So........... Here is the answer!!!!!

Do you get it right? =)))

Thank you Gemma and all your lovely writings on the postcard.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hi from Czech Republic

This postcard is from Eliska.

Pretty cartoon. It is one of their local cartoon in CZech Republic.

and tadaaaaaa the stamps are so nice also. hee hee hee. Brave eagle and wise owl. Owl doesnt look wise to me it actually look a bit like they are stunned by something with their big wide eyes.

Thank you for the card and stamps. =)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bonjour from France

A very happy postcard from France.

Yeap. Dreams do really come true if you truly and fiercely believe on it which requires motivation and passion which i m lacking now. haha. sigh.... where is my motivation??

The stamps with sci fi themed. Just finished "The Martian" a very funny book. The main character is so optimist and clever. haha~ a good book to read when you want to sit back and chill.

Thank you for the card and the stamps. =)))

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Greetings from Japan

My very first card from Japan and it is so cute!!!! It can act as a new year card.

Tadaaaaaaa!!!! Monkey year with 3 little naughty monkey and the national flower of Japan Sakura. All pink and cute. =)

And the stamps are another darling. The left one featured a shabu (hotpot with onion, mushroom and beef/pork cook in unami dashi soup). YumZZZZZZ. I want to drink soup.

The right one show a range of vegetables that can be found in Japan. All look fresh and perfect. =)

Another plus point for this postcard is it comes with a fragrance. A nice smell that I miss so much that i usually get it from the old red chinese new year card. =))))

Thank you Ausia from Japan for making my day. =)  *hugsssss*

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Warm greetings from Finland

Hello. Back to postcard after a long long break and yes actually I have something up to my sleeve but not time to review yet. hee hee~

Here is a card from Sari =)

A cute decoration with grass in baby boots. =) Not sure what is the long red color thing. It looks like a shoe lace to me.

As I turn, the stamp caught my eyes!!!

It is food theme yo!!! one of the rare food theme stamps that I have. It is Karjalanpiirakka pie. Haha wondering how I know it? of course I dont know. It is Sari who told me. This pie is a typical food in Finland which is make from buckwheat flour. The inner of the mould is fill with rice porridge and then sent to the oven. Taddaaa. This delicious looking pie is ready to eat (in a simple way). It looks like our egg tart with a funky twist. =))

Thank you Sari for the beautiful stamp and card. =)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fish Noodle, Kuching

Finish all my postcard post (temporarily). SO we go back to food. =)))))

Introducing the fish noodle in Kuching.... Why i have a feeling I introduce it before?? Nvm la. We should share all the good food many many times.

So this shop is at the hawker centre near John's Pie or starbuck in satok area. It is a corner lot. The stall is at the side of the hawker centre facing outwards. The stall name called 新鲜七星斑米粉汤. something like that.

So below is the bowl of noodle which cost RM9.

Noodles cook in sourish soup. Cause tomato is the based. Then there is no/minimal ajinomoto taste. Fresh fish fillet, fish ball, fish paste, taofu, taofu pok. I love their chilli too. It is sourish with minimal spiciness. Go well with the fish.

I always always clean the bowl. Clean the bowl means I eat everything inside it including the soup. Returning the boss a clean bowl. =DD

Another view of the yummy noodles.

I feel hungry now!!!! ahhhh will eat this if I get to go back to kuching. You know what. I really love fish cook inside clear soup. There used to be one stall in Seremban serving very very good Yee mee fish paste soup. But it deteriorates over the year. Now the taste is only 1% similar from what i know several years ago. and the soup taste like ajinomoto.

Ok. eyes very tired. Enjoy the noodle with your eyes *evil*

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hi from Belarus

Another pretty postcard of bird.=)

Stork. Haha I hope i spell it correctly. =) A lot of old cultures said when you see a stork or dream a stork, it means you are going to pregnant with baby. Cause stork is believe to bring baby in a cloth and put them on the chimney for the intended family.

A very furutistic monument.

Thank you for the postcard.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hi from Beijing

First card from Beijing. I think.... =D I like chinese building cause they are really pretty and mysterious in some way. Just like this one.

So guess what is this for? Erm.... dont look at the small label beneath the card. It is cheating.

So this is a royal altar to pray to the god. I bet no life is involved here cause it is rare to have chinese offering life in their religious ceremony compare to other religious such as the Maya culture. Did a lot of work unrelated reading recently and one is about human sacrifice. So one of the them are they will treat you like god for a whole year but at the end of the year they will force you to walk up a long stairs. You will reach the altar at the end where the priest pry open your chest and pull out the thumping heart to offer to the god... (How they pry the chest one a? The victim wont struggle one??)

Or the most gruelsome one that i read is to sent offering to the fire god (forgot the name, again is about Maya culture). Pick one man and a woman. Throw them both into a big bonfire to burn alive.... When they are nearly die but not yet dead (they said by listen to their screaming???) hook them out from the fire, but open the chest (again???!!) pull out the still thumping heart and offer to the god (erm... their god really love thumping heart)

Ok. Coming back to the main topic which is postcard and stamps.

Pretty stamp with bamboo. =)

Thank you for the postcard and stamps. And.... hee hee enjoy my little horror story above. =P