Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hi from Belarus

Another pretty postcard of bird.=)

Stork. Haha I hope i spell it correctly. =) A lot of old cultures said when you see a stork or dream a stork, it means you are going to pregnant with baby. Cause stork is believe to bring baby in a cloth and put them on the chimney for the intended family.

A very furutistic monument.

Thank you for the postcard.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hi from Beijing

First card from Beijing. I think.... =D I like chinese building cause they are really pretty and mysterious in some way. Just like this one.

So guess what is this for? Erm.... dont look at the small label beneath the card. It is cheating.

So this is a royal altar to pray to the god. I bet no life is involved here cause it is rare to have chinese offering life in their religious ceremony compare to other religious such as the Maya culture. Did a lot of work unrelated reading recently and one is about human sacrifice. So one of the them are they will treat you like god for a whole year but at the end of the year they will force you to walk up a long stairs. You will reach the altar at the end where the priest pry open your chest and pull out the thumping heart to offer to the god... (How they pry the chest one a? The victim wont struggle one??)

Or the most gruelsome one that i read is to sent offering to the fire god (forgot the name, again is about Maya culture). Pick one man and a woman. Throw them both into a big bonfire to burn alive.... When they are nearly die but not yet dead (they said by listen to their screaming???) hook them out from the fire, but open the chest (again???!!) pull out the still thumping heart and offer to the god (erm... their god really love thumping heart)

Ok. Coming back to the main topic which is postcard and stamps.

Pretty stamp with bamboo. =)

Thank you for the postcard and stamps. And.... hee hee enjoy my little horror story above. =P

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Greetings from Heli

This is one lucky card. It slips under the sofa and was found out weeks later (not months XD XD)

Merry Christmas from Heli.

With an elf jingling the chirstmas bell. =)))) ok. I need to b off. My eyes are so tired with a ll the staring at phones and computers. I should get myself away from all these.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hi from Ura Mountains

This is one peculiar postcard. an angry old cat looking afar..... waiting for? Tom? It looks like Jerry from some angle.

And the stamps also looking the faraway land.
And I am looking at my my future but cannot something that is very interesting.

Need to find some new excitement.

Thank  you for the card and the stamp.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy New Year from Russia

Hello everybody. Days are getting more n more excited as Chinese New Year is coming soon. =))) Ang pau here i come. Must get all the ang pau before my relatives started to realize I m too old for all these.

And I need to blog more cause a lot of postcard post are still "save as draft" in my inventory.

Christmas card from Elena. A white snowy christmas with pine and red chested robin. haha~ man. Christmas is one month away and I am still writing about Christmas. swt.

Please translates this for  me. People who understand Russian.

Btw, when I come over the word inventory, I suddenly feel like playing "Harvest Moon". Or some old role playing game which doesn not have too pretty a graphic that make me headache. Oh. how i miss harvest moon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ahoi from Pilseu

Pretty scenary with autumn mode on. Everything inside this postcard has their own distinctive color but still harmony.
It actually showing the bridge of Prague.

The stamps who featured a lovely lady side profile. So beautiful like it is an old oil painting where detailed is always the best.

Thank you for the card. =)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

From Germany

Hello Anika from Bad Kreuznach, Germany.
It is a character from Sesame Street. Dont know his name. In Sesame Street I only can recalled cookies monster, Elmo, the Big Bird and the green thing that hide inside garbage bin. I watch more Barney in my childhood.... but haha I only remember Barney the purple monster. Cant even recall what is his sister name. LOL.

A pretty ball of flower which looks like a lollipop. =) Sweet~

Thank you for the card. =)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Senya Japanese Restaurant, Mitsui Outlet Park 鲜家

Visited Mitsui Outlet Park, just to have a stroll there. That will b before New year and they are having year end sales. But man... all the products are too expensive for me. Didnt bought anything but came across some nice food.

Since Mitsui is opened by Japanese company, of course I must try their Japanese restaurant.
Sushi King-- no
Ramen shop -- not in the mood to eat noodle
Some 盖饭shop -- the menu is limited
restaurant just next to a Japanese souvenir shop --- a bit too expensive but the menu they offer looks interesting
Senya -- okok. I choose this cause the decoration looks nice and they offer set meal =)))

First set:
Grilled Saba fish with tofu miso soup, rice (they gave real japanese rice, i actually feel disheartened for those restaurant that give us the long rice.... cause its texture cannot compare with japanese rice. so plus point for this restaurant), one small piece of agedashi tofu, preserved daikon and something plus salad mixed with sesame sauce.

It is a big piece of saba fish. quite nicely grilled.  =)) Above average.

But the best grilled saba set meal i have ever had is in a restaurant in Batu Pahat. Everytime, yes everytime i visited it, the saba fish they offer is grilled to fragrance with a portion of fat that will melt when you put into ur mouth. sigh *drool* of course it is not as big as this piece.

Second set:
Salmon steak curry rice with salad sauce, miso soup and prickled daikon.

The rice is in a very big portion, the steak is good and i love japanese curry. It taste like dahl n i love dahl. hee hee. my heart feel warm n contented whenever i ate japanese curry with rice.

But I like my salmon b raw lol *picky*

Side dishes:
Unagi roll. Its being a long long long time since i last take Unagi.
Why I didnt order Unagi:
1. it is much more expensive than other ingredients
2. the portion most restaurant gave r likely to b as thin as a paper
3. Some unagi is so pale it didnt looks like unagi. more like dried cod fish

Decided to give it a try and i like it. =) standard unagi roll and the slices quite thick. Love the ginger slices too. hee ehe.

Third set:
The most prize set cause I forget to say this restaurant is not halal. Hahahaha so they offer pork. I seriously love pork and Japanese love pork. All Japanese restaurant that I went doesnt serve pork because they halal themselves.

When I saw this set: pork slices stir fried in onion and garlic I straight forward order it.
The pork slices is super fatty but it is so nicely cook and it go so well with the rice. yum yum yum. but it is heaty. hee hee~ no worries. eat the cabbage slices at the side. So crunchy and refreshing and I think it is very smart and both pork and cabbage compliment each other.

I love the miso soup too. Will always mix it with rice and eat it. *love*

Not sure what is the cost of each cause I am not paying the bill. =DDDD

Recommended the pork meal if you are non Malay *thumbsup*

I think each set is around RM25-35. Quite reasonable cause you definitely will b filled up to the brim.
For the unagi roll, it is around RM18-22.

Will definitely revisit this restaurant again. and they have a few more branch in KL.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello from China

A very white and shivery hello from Daisy, Shanghai.

Snowman!!!! The snowman is so cute here. But some snowman can look so evil and scary. I have a cute flying bauble snowman in my room. Show you next time.

The pretty stamps of flowers. All beautifully drawn. From left to right: White and pure lily, soft and seductive camellia, the last is rich and highly peony.
Hmmmm... I still like Lily more and I am thinking which flower suit me more now.
Thank you Lily for the beautiful postcard and flowers. =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Frohliche Weihnachten from Germany

Disney is saying a very Happy Chirstmas and a Happy New year!!!!
Looking at the postcards make me want to visit Disney!!! Any disney also can preferably Tokyo one cause they have Disney Sea there too. hee hee. Who want to go with me? or who want to bring me there?

The mickey is not a stamp. Thank you for not putting any stamp over the cute Mickey prints. =) I am still in a Chirstmas mood. Although now is 10 days past Christmas.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey from Netherlands

Thank you Maud for this magical card. It is from Keramiux Museum. Sound like a ceramic museum.

Actually cannot decide how to look at the picture cause anyway is possible. but i think i should look like this. The pretty woman is lying on the floor. Cause hair is the only part that follow the gravity the most. other thing can b stick on to the wall. Or do you think it should b the other way round?

The stamps. hmmmmm... time to change to a new phone. the stamp actually look more colorful in real life.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello From Denmark

Happy New Year everyone!!! Celebrated my NYE in my cozy bed cause the next day is oncall. Then on the first day of 2016 I am oncall but I am in good hands. Good seniors and good help. Although I am unable to sleep for the whole night.

This card came in drench in rain. Manage to save the picture side. Mayb because it has a layer of thin plastic on it.

But the back in soaking wet. Every words are gone but luckily the postcard ID is still visible so I can register it on postcrossing.

The stamps. this building looks pretty haunted to me. Like a house with a lots of black eyes staring at you sneakily. lol

Happy New year everyone may all of u have a bless year ahead. =)