Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hi from Beijing

First card from Beijing. I think.... =D I like chinese building cause they are really pretty and mysterious in some way. Just like this one.

So guess what is this for? Erm.... dont look at the small label beneath the card. It is cheating.

So this is a royal altar to pray to the god. I bet no life is involved here cause it is rare to have chinese offering life in their religious ceremony compare to other religious such as the Maya culture. Did a lot of work unrelated reading recently and one is about human sacrifice. So one of the them are they will treat you like god for a whole year but at the end of the year they will force you to walk up a long stairs. You will reach the altar at the end where the priest pry open your chest and pull out the thumping heart to offer to the god... (How they pry the chest one a? The victim wont struggle one??)

Or the most gruelsome one that i read is to sent offering to the fire god (forgot the name, again is about Maya culture). Pick one man and a woman. Throw them both into a big bonfire to burn alive.... When they are nearly die but not yet dead (they said by listen to their screaming???) hook them out from the fire, but open the chest (again???!!) pull out the still thumping heart and offer to the god (erm... their god really love thumping heart)

Ok. Coming back to the main topic which is postcard and stamps.

Pretty stamp with bamboo. =)

Thank you for the postcard and stamps. And.... hee hee enjoy my little horror story above. =P

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