Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fish Noodle, Kuching

Finish all my postcard post (temporarily). SO we go back to food. =)))))

Introducing the fish noodle in Kuching.... Why i have a feeling I introduce it before?? Nvm la. We should share all the good food many many times.

So this shop is at the hawker centre near John's Pie or starbuck in satok area. It is a corner lot. The stall is at the side of the hawker centre facing outwards. The stall name called 新鲜七星斑米粉汤. something like that.

So below is the bowl of noodle which cost RM9.

Noodles cook in sourish soup. Cause tomato is the based. Then there is no/minimal ajinomoto taste. Fresh fish fillet, fish ball, fish paste, taofu, taofu pok. I love their chilli too. It is sourish with minimal spiciness. Go well with the fish.

I always always clean the bowl. Clean the bowl means I eat everything inside it including the soup. Returning the boss a clean bowl. =DD

Another view of the yummy noodles.

I feel hungry now!!!! ahhhh will eat this if I get to go back to kuching. You know what. I really love fish cook inside clear soup. There used to be one stall in Seremban serving very very good Yee mee fish paste soup. But it deteriorates over the year. Now the taste is only 1% similar from what i know several years ago. and the soup taste like ajinomoto.

Ok. eyes very tired. Enjoy the noodle with your eyes *evil*