Friday, March 25, 2016

Hello from Russia

I got a very fun card. =) it came with a game.
Please find which cat who dont have a twin. =D

Sorrry for the blurry picture cause I am still using my 3 years old plus I phone (who is going to die or burst on me anytime soon...).

Lets take a break and I will show you more fun things. hee hee.  This card is from Gemma.
A very serious stamps with a serious portrait in the middle. Then pop suddenly came out a handdrawn airmail sticker. haha. Good job Gemma. hee hee~

So........... Here is the answer!!!!!

Do you get it right? =)))

Thank you Gemma and all your lovely writings on the postcard.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hi from Czech Republic

This postcard is from Eliska.

Pretty cartoon. It is one of their local cartoon in CZech Republic.

and tadaaaaaa the stamps are so nice also. hee hee hee. Brave eagle and wise owl. Owl doesnt look wise to me it actually look a bit like they are stunned by something with their big wide eyes.

Thank you for the card and stamps. =)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bonjour from France

A very happy postcard from France.

Yeap. Dreams do really come true if you truly and fiercely believe on it which requires motivation and passion which i m lacking now. haha. sigh.... where is my motivation??

The stamps with sci fi themed. Just finished "The Martian" a very funny book. The main character is so optimist and clever. haha~ a good book to read when you want to sit back and chill.

Thank you for the card and the stamps. =)))

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Greetings from Japan

My very first card from Japan and it is so cute!!!! It can act as a new year card.

Tadaaaaaaa!!!! Monkey year with 3 little naughty monkey and the national flower of Japan Sakura. All pink and cute. =)

And the stamps are another darling. The left one featured a shabu (hotpot with onion, mushroom and beef/pork cook in unami dashi soup). YumZZZZZZ. I want to drink soup.

The right one show a range of vegetables that can be found in Japan. All look fresh and perfect. =)

Another plus point for this postcard is it comes with a fragrance. A nice smell that I miss so much that i usually get it from the old red chinese new year card. =))))

Thank you Ausia from Japan for making my day. =)  *hugsssss*

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Warm greetings from Finland

Hello. Back to postcard after a long long break and yes actually I have something up to my sleeve but not time to review yet. hee hee~

Here is a card from Sari =)

A cute decoration with grass in baby boots. =) Not sure what is the long red color thing. It looks like a shoe lace to me.

As I turn, the stamp caught my eyes!!!

It is food theme yo!!! one of the rare food theme stamps that I have. It is Karjalanpiirakka pie. Haha wondering how I know it? of course I dont know. It is Sari who told me. This pie is a typical food in Finland which is make from buckwheat flour. The inner of the mould is fill with rice porridge and then sent to the oven. Taddaaa. This delicious looking pie is ready to eat (in a simple way). It looks like our egg tart with a funky twist. =))

Thank you Sari for the beautiful stamp and card. =)