Thursday, March 3, 2016

Greetings from Japan

My very first card from Japan and it is so cute!!!! It can act as a new year card.

Tadaaaaaaa!!!! Monkey year with 3 little naughty monkey and the national flower of Japan Sakura. All pink and cute. =)

And the stamps are another darling. The left one featured a shabu (hotpot with onion, mushroom and beef/pork cook in unami dashi soup). YumZZZZZZ. I want to drink soup.

The right one show a range of vegetables that can be found in Japan. All look fresh and perfect. =)

Another plus point for this postcard is it comes with a fragrance. A nice smell that I miss so much that i usually get it from the old red chinese new year card. =))))

Thank you Ausia from Japan for making my day. =)  *hugsssss*

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chriszaynie said...

i love the rose gold <3