Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Warm greetings from Finland

Hello. Back to postcard after a long long break and yes actually I have something up to my sleeve but not time to review yet. hee hee~

Here is a card from Sari =)

A cute decoration with grass in baby boots. =) Not sure what is the long red color thing. It looks like a shoe lace to me.

As I turn, the stamp caught my eyes!!!

It is food theme yo!!! one of the rare food theme stamps that I have. It is Karjalanpiirakka pie. Haha wondering how I know it? of course I dont know. It is Sari who told me. This pie is a typical food in Finland which is make from buckwheat flour. The inner of the mould is fill with rice porridge and then sent to the oven. Taddaaa. This delicious looking pie is ready to eat (in a simple way). It looks like our egg tart with a funky twist. =))

Thank you Sari for the beautiful stamp and card. =)

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