Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello from Moscow

A peaceful card with a girl drinking tea on a cool moon lit night with some soft music ongoing. Ermmmm..... such a bless.
Thank you for the card but currently I am in a oven because of El Nino. Although I am in air con room i feel like the heat from outside is trap in my body and my body is burning like hell. no. I dont think i have heat stroke yet. But going in and out of cold and hot environment in my work place doesnt help to improve the current situation. It actually worsen  it by a lot. sigh. I just hope I dont fall sick.

Another pretty stamps at the corner of the postcard. Just like a rim. a beautiful blue lace. I seriously hope I can share more and type more but my eyes are really tired. think I am not a tech person anywhere. lol. hee hee

Friday, April 8, 2016

Ni Hao from Taiwan

A card from Taiwan. So rare. I usually get my card from Russia.

It is a card about tea. Yeap. Taiwan is famous for their OoLong tea but I m not tea expert. Currently in love with green tea. It reduces the  sweetness and I like the soft bitterness that came with it.

The stamps. =) They are pretty. Stamps are small version of art and you can share it out to other people.

Thank you for the postcard and the stamp.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello from Helsinki

Have being slacking in blogging although there is so many things to blog. cause my eyes are really tired recently and a lot of research to be done for my wedding. Yes. I am getting married this year. =D and to save money i try not to get a wedding planner but it seem now that not having a planner I need to worry myself with everything cause I can be so OCD sometime.

A joyful card from Timo with my second beloved cat --> garfield (cause the most beloved is Hello Kitty XD XD)


The other things to highlight on this card is....

The stamps!!!! So cute in small little corss. Look like a band aid. And also a stamps on raspberry. =))

Thank you for the postcard and stamps. =)