Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello from Moscow

A peaceful card with a girl drinking tea on a cool moon lit night with some soft music ongoing. Ermmmm..... such a bless.
Thank you for the card but currently I am in a oven because of El Nino. Although I am in air con room i feel like the heat from outside is trap in my body and my body is burning like hell. no. I dont think i have heat stroke yet. But going in and out of cold and hot environment in my work place doesnt help to improve the current situation. It actually worsen  it by a lot. sigh. I just hope I dont fall sick.

Another pretty stamps at the corner of the postcard. Just like a rim. a beautiful blue lace. I seriously hope I can share more and type more but my eyes are really tired. think I am not a tech person anywhere. lol. hee hee

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