Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hello from Finland

Hello. Am back after a week of palpitation at work place. Was leveling up (unwillingly) cause I am not a very passionate or enthusiastic. What I wish is everyone just get what they want.

Ok. back to the topic.

Got this card from Ritva a few months back. (yes. thats how backdated all the card here although i am receiving around 1-2 cards per week).

First time I received such a uniquely shaped card. The character on the card is called Mama Moomin. Apparently a very love character with the children there. It is really cute and I came over the name Moomin a few times when I read what other people love their postcard to be. So I have received one of the most desirable postcard. =DDDDD

Yay. Such lucky girl.

And this beautiful orchid stamp aat the back. Stamp is a small piece of art with beautiful detailed that will tell u story of the native.

Thank you for the card and the stamps.